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W!G Music considers an Artist as being something extraordinary, something "WEIRD" in a matter of speech. We consider this to be a 'GOOD' thing. That's why we think it 'IS' very important to have or to build a personal relation of trust and understanding with the artist in person. This is what we stand for ! -- Weird !s Good -- W!G Music has the sole purpose of supporting new and existing talent. Combining the strengths of producing and songwriting skills of James Lowland and Mikael Ophoff, we provide an environment for artists to fully concentrate on their own artistic development. W!G Music offers the full package of what an artist needs, from songwriting to producing in a fully equipped studio, to coaching, performance skills and artwork. W!G Music has the Woodpecker Studios at their disposal. A studio created and built by James Lowland, not only for producing and writing songs but also for comfort we feel is necessary to fully focus on creativity. W!G Weird !s Good