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Jim Jonckheer

 While in this day and age, most of the record labels don’t take the trouble to develop artists anymore, Jim Jonckheer, on the other hand, is determined to offer a warm and welcoming home to the emerging talents. The young entrepreneur/producer is dedicating his life to work with musical and creative minds. As a firm believer in quality and career endurance, he has decided in 2012 to build the Woodpecker Studios, giving artists and musicians the best tools to record and master their craft. Jim later founded the label W!G Music alongside Mikaël Ophoff, aiming to provide a platform for young talents to take them to the next step of their musical journey. Currently home to Ivy Mode and Amery, the label is a place where artists are encouraged to come as they are and to embrace their personality and quirks. On a daily basis, his main occupation is Production, which he does under the alias of James Lowland. He spends most of his time writing or working behind knobs with people he truly believes in. He vows to get the best out of the artists and transcribes their energy into unique beats acting as a vehicle of their personality and their whole being.

Mikael Ophoff

 Some people find their calling after lots of wanderings and questionings. For Mikael Ophoff, there were no detours: he envisioned music as his final destination from a very young age. Pursuing a career as an artist was naturally part of the journey and his road so far has been paved with exciting opportunities. He saw himself playing on the stage of the MIA’s as well as in the studios of BBC One, Kiss FM, Top of the Pops and national radios, together with Lost Frequencies, Lea Rue and Kate Ryan. His adventure took a new turn when he crossed paths with James Lowland whom he started working with. Together, they created the label W!G Music, a perfect playground allowing him to combine his first love with his passions for Management and strategy. Being in touch with a lot of musicians during his studies at the Jazzstudio and the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp, he started Scouting new talents for the studio that he now rejoices in assisting along their very own journey, helping them to write music and develop their artistic identity in a safe environment.
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Alison Piron

 When music is around, Alison Piron is usually right around the corner! She grew up in a colourful and eclectic household where the main stereo would switch from Sade to Céline Dion and from Kassav to the Beatles. Freshly graduated in Communications in 2010, she chose to carry on updating her own music blog Urban Soul, initially created as part of her final thesis. Her initiative to highlight emerging rnb and soul talents from around the world has been rewarded by the Belgian Best Entertainment Blog Award two years later. In the meantime, Alison also entered the workforce, freelancing as a copywriter and translator, but also as a showbiz journalist for Starlounge (MSN Belgium’s former Entertainment section) and the British news agency Cover Media which allowed her to indulge in one of her favourite assignments: interviewing artists and gaining insight to their vision and creative mind. Following on from her blog, she launched in 2016 her own Digital Music PR service which seemed like the obvious next step to continue spreading good vibrations through a broader audience, but also to combine all of her passions: music, communications and writing. She collaborated on campaigns for several independent artists including Ivy Mode, which led her to working closely with Mikaël Ophoff and Jim Jonckheer. Sharing their values and strong professional ethics, she gladly accepted their invitation to join them on board. As a member of the W!G Music team, she is now aiming to shine a light on the label and their talents, and to accompany them in their new and exciting road to success.